The Alabama Port Authority is seeking creative services for FY24. We ask that RFQ responses are submitted to no later than September 27, 2023. Additional questions of the Port should be submitted to the same. Any questions received and subsequent responses will be posted below.

Deadline: Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

Contact: Maggie Oliver –


Q: Can I take a port tour to learn more about the facility before submitting a response?

A: The Port will hold a facilities tour for any interested respondent on Friday, September 8th at 2:00 p.m. Please email if you are interested in attending.

Q: Is the Port looking for a website overhaul or just support, enhancement, and further development?

A: The Port is looking to build off of our current website platform and enhance user experience with engaging and fresh content.

Q: How is the current site constructed?

A: The site is built with WordPress. We use GoAnywhere MFT to connect the WordPress database to our local database for pages like the Harbormaster Report, TWIC Escort Application, Berth Applications, Bid Alerts, etc., but we would retain control of that program. We also have some 3rd Party WordPress plugins. A complete list of third-party plug-ins can be found here. Plug-Ins

Q: Can we submit more than one case study?

A: Yes

Q: Have you established a budget for FY2024 for the scope of this RFQ?

A: While there is certainly a limit to our budget, we are more interested in evaluating a comprehensive proposed framework from interested parties. Please see the “Budgetary Framework” subsection in the RFQ for more information.

Q: Is there a current incumbent agency?

A: No

Q: Is the Port available for a brief call to discuss challenges and opportunities?

A: Yes. Please contact to request a meeting.